Spring Powered M16A3 Airsoft Assault Rifle with Laser & Flashlight



Part Number: 1D2-M16A3



* 1:1 Full Scale M16A3 Airsoft Assault Rifle
* Shooting Mode – Spring / Cock & Shoot
* Material : ABS Plastic Construction (Durable Tough Plastic Body)
* R.I.S. Handrail to add Attachments / Accessories
* Loaded with Accessories – Flashlight / Laser / Vertical Hang Grip


* WELL M16A3 Airsoft Assault Rifle
* Red Dot Laser
* Flash Light
* Vertical Grip (ForeGrip)
* Magazine Clip
* Safety Glasses
* 100 6MM BB’s
* Shoulder Strap Sling
* Mini Screwdriver


* FPS : 283 w/ 0.12g BB
* Magazine Capacity : 200 Rounds
* Overall Length : 38.5″ inches
* Weight : 2.78 lbs


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