Covert USB Audio Recorder USB – OTG Support Listen Anywhere (PBNUSB16-OTG)


Manual Activation Covert Audio Recorder
Dual Function: Audio Recorder + USB Memory Drive
Stores up to 192 hours of Audio files
15 Hour Battery Life
MAC/Windows/iOS/Android Compatible
Recharge using any USB Port
4.5 hours to full charge


The PBNUSB16-OTG is an entry level covert audio recorder perfect for recording close range discussions up to 18 feet away from the device.

The PBNUSB16-OTG looks just like an ordinary USB Flash drive. Ideal for covert use, the PBNUSB16-OTG can also be used as a memory drive to store important files.

PBNUSB16-OTG comes included with adapters enabling users to connect the device directly to almost any phone or tablet and listen to recordings on the device. Ideal for users who need to listen to captured audio files on the go (OTG).

Perfect for all types of situations where users need to record crystal clear audio and if you need to listen to your captured audio files quickly, use the supplied adapter to listen directly on iPhones, iPads, Android phones, or Android tablets. Users can also connect the device to any Windows or MAC computer to listen to files through a PC/MAC.

Store up to 192 hours of Audio files on the 16GB storage inside PBNUSB16-OTG. Users can delete or save files off the device and free up space for more recordings.

Using the PBNUSB16-OTG is very easy and ideal for users who need a quick and easy solution for recording audio. Just 1 switch on the device: ON/OFF. Switch on to begin recording; switch off to save battery when you have captured the audio you need.

Listen to your files by connecting to any PC/MAC/iOS/Android device. Files are easily located on the USB drives memory, just like a standard USB drive.

PBNUSB16-OTG comes supplied with an OTG adapter: USB-C, Micro USB, iPhone/iPad. Use the adapter to connect to any iPhone/iPad or OTG enabled Android phone or tablet.

The PBNUSB16-OTG includes all of the following items in the box:

16GB USB Audio Recorder

1 x USB Adapter – Micro USB, USB-C, Apple Lightning

1 x User Manual

1 x Metal Storage Tin

Who uses PBNUSB16-OTG?
PBNUSB16-OTG is an entry level audio recording device which is very easy to use. It also has the added ability for users to listen to on the go – OTG.

We recommend users use this primarily for short distance wearable recording situations or when users are in a stationary environment such as a meeting and their target is within 12-18 feet of the device.

This device may be a basic audio recorder but the versatility of this device is something not many audio recorders can compete with. The ability to listen to your audio files through all major operating systems including Windows, MAC, iOS, and Android makes this device head and shoulders the best entry level audio recorder on the market.

Great for all types of situations; recording lectures, using to record important meetings, etc. The on/off button on the device ensures you can quickly activate your audio recorder very quickly.