FD15 Flash Drive Voice Activated Recorder



The FD15 is a very powerful voice recorder that records in voice  activation only. No need to sort through hours of empty recordings, the  voice activation captures only what you need. Once triggered, it will  record for a minimum of one minute which ensures that you always get  smooth recordings. Each file is stamped with the Time/Date so you know  when each recording took place! (windows only)

The FD15 shares the same high quality aluminum body style of our FD10  model (which records in continuous).  Simply flip the switch to turn it on; it will remain in standby but then  start recording when it detects audio.

Audio is recorded in HD crystal clear quality at 512kbps in WAV  format. It also functions as a flash drive and can store other documents  or files. It is compatible with MAC and Windows, simply plug it in to  instantly listen to or transfer files.