MQ-L500 Power Bank Voice Recorder



The MQ-L500 is a powerful audio recorder built into a portable charging battery. The MQ-L500’s huge battery reserve, when fully  charged, will allow the device to operate for 14 days in continuous  recording mode, and for a stunning 150 days in voice activation  mode (depending on how much audio is detected). Additionally, the  MQ-L500’s 16GB internal memory chip will hold up to 576 hours of voice  or other sound recordings. That’s 36 hours of audio recording per GB!  When each recording is completed it is given a time/date stamp,  automatically organizing every file you record.

The MQ-L500 is something to get excited about. It’s compact magnetic  design enables you to place the device in a spot that is convenient and  discreet for your recording needs, even upside down!

There is no extra  software needed to transfer the recordings onto a computer, simply plug  it in to any MAC or Windows computer and it will show up as a removable  drive on your computer.

Are you running low on battery with another device? No worries, the  MQ-L500 doubles as a functional portable charging source. You can  quickly charge any handheld device by plugging a USB charging cord into  the device and into the MQ-L500. The battery is so big it has enough to  share with all your other devices.