Powerbank Audio 576 Hours with OTG Support



The Audio Recorder With 150 Days Standby Battery & OTG Listen Anywhere Capabilities.

The Powerbank Audio Recorder OTG is a compact easy to carry fully functioning Power Bank, hidden inside is a powerful audio recorder which can pick up sounds from up to 50 feet away.

Listen to audio files without needing to connect to a computer. Use the custom produced OTG adapter which allows users to connect the device directly to their cell phones or even tablets and listen to audio files on the go – OTG.

Works with all iPhone and Android devices. Users can also insert the Powerbank into any PC/Mac to listen, save, & export audio files.

The device works in VOX and continuous recording mode. Vox means it can record when sound is detected. The device comes supplied with a small optional use magnet which can be used to conceal the audio recorder under a desk in an office or even around your home.

The battery life on this device is incredible with over 5.5 months of standby battery on a single charge. Whether you need it for everyday use or you need to leave it somewhere to capture conversations on a long term basis, this device is ideal for many personal and professional users and will handle long term use without needing to charge regularly. The Powerbank has a 3000 mAh battery.

The microphone on this device has a 50 ft. range. Perfect for many different locations and scenarios, very discreet device.

Who Uses the Powerbank Audio Recorder – KBANK-OTG

Professionals can use this Powerbank as a covert audio recorder. As the device appears and functions as a Powerbank, no one will suspect it is an audio recorder.

Use it in meetings or even when you use the phone; you can record the discussions if you place the call in speakerphone mode.

Concerned Parents can use the Powerbank to monitor children and babysitters.

Just leave the device in your home when you are out and the Powerbank will capture all audio events whilst you are not around.

Employers – Need to keep an eye on your team and ensure productivity is at the right level even when you’re not around?

Use the Powerbank as your extra set of ears when you are out of the office.

Easy to use

This device is very easy to use, minimal time to activate and can record crystal clear even when concealed inside clothing, bags, etc.

To review the files, users can use the supplied USB cable and insert the device into a Windows or Mac compatible computer to listen to recordings.

Users can also listen directly through any Android or iPhone by simply connecting the device through the OTG to USB adapter – Included.

This tools ability to playback audio files on any iPhone & Android Phone ensures users can listen to footage in a more discreet, quick, manner.

Is this device suitable for Investigators and Professional Covert use?

The Powerbank Audio recorder is a great tool which will fit the needs of all consumers.

The KBANK-OTG is a premium consumer audio recorder. The OTG Capabilities are great for instant playback.

This device has unrivalled standby battery and a host of features which make it ideal for many uses.

Charge Time: 5 hours
Weight: 2.6oz
Time and Date Stamp
Playback on Windows, Mac, iPhone & Android devices.
VAR sound detection: About 60dB
Continuous or Voice-Activated Recording
Storage Capacity: XHQ-288 hrs, HQ-576 hrs
Product Dimensions: 3.66 x 1.07 x .90 inches
Microphone Range: 50 feet in optimal conditions
Memory: 16GB
Continuous Battery Life: XHQ-288 hours, HQ-336 hours, or up to 150-days in voice activation/standby