SL-100 Slim Voice Activated Recorder Pen


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Introducing the newest version of our popular SL100 voice activated  recording pen. This is the slimmest and most discreet voice recorder pen  on the market.

The SL100 recording pen writes with real ink and  fits very comfortably in your hand making it great for meetings,  lectures, and memos. The recording function is super easy to operate;  simply slide the pen clip down to start recording and slide back up to  stop. There are no buttons, confusing lights, or sounds associated with operation.

With the voice activation feature turned on you can set the pen to  record only when there is audio present (the recording is paused during  times of silence). You can listen to your recordings from the pen by  plugging headphones or speakers directly into the top of the pen or  download recorded files to any MAC or Windows computer.

1GB records 35HR and has a 12 hour battery life!