A voice recorder hidden inside a fully functional Premium 8GB USB Drive
288 Hours of Audio Storage Capacity
24 Hours Continuous recording Capability
25 Days Standby Battery
Tiny Size, ideal body worn Audio Recorder
Optional VOX and Continuous Audio Recording
Onboard Sensitivity Adjustment Interface
Capture Audio from up to 30 Ft Away
Time and Date Stamping
Playback using Windows, Mac, iPhone & Android devices.

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USB Drive with Professional on board Audio Recorder VOX – 25 Days – OTG Listen Anywhere

The KUSB-OTG Audio recorder with 25 days standby battery is an extremely versatile tool which is ideal for anyone wishing to record audio covertly.
The device looks exactly like a standard USB Flash drive and can even store data like an ordinary USB storage device. Under the hood of this device is a professional audio recorder with the ability to record up to 288 hours of audio files on the 8GB memory capacity.
This tiny device can record crystal clear audio, even if it is hidden in a pocket or a bag. The SVOS audio technology inside this audio recorder means the device is calibrated to detect for human sound. Once human sound is detected, this device can automatically begin recording for up to 72 hours on one charge.
This device is perfect for most recording scenarios. With a range of up to 30 ft, KUSB-OTG is capable of recording conversations in small and large rooms in homes or offices.
The tiny size of this device and excellent microphone make it ideal for concealment. Simply slip it in your shirt pocket or even jeans pocket and, providing the device is fully charged, you can be sure to capture conversations with crystal clear clarity.

Listening to your Audio

Compatible with both Windows and MAC, users can listen to their audio recordings by using either a Windows or MAC computer.
Use the included OTG adapter and listen to audio files on iPhone & Android devices.

Excellent Features

The KUSB – OTG Audio recorder has Voice activation recording and Time and Date stamping. Combining these professional recording features with outstanding standby battery and excellent 30 ft. Audio capture range makes this device suitable for all types of users who need to record audio.

Who can use KUSB-OTG

The KUSB-OTG is so covert that it idea for everyday carry and use.
As the device functions as a USB storage drive you can use the product for data storage and when the need arises, you have one of the best consumer friendly audio recorders available on hand to help you record conversations from up to 30 feet away from the target.
We recommend this device to all users. Personal and professional users can all find uses for this tool and it can help record important audio files in most scenarios.
The ability to conceal this device on your person or even a bag or leaving it at your desk without raising suspicions, makes this one the best tools for audio recording.
The 25 day standby battery, Time and Date stamping and voice activated recording make KUSB one of the best if not the best value for money audio recorders in the world.
The included OTG adapter adds more stealth ability to this tool, allowing users to listen to playback OTG through any iPhone or Android device.