BX-42 FlashShield


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Carson Optical is the first to come to market with an anti-reflective device to clip to your binoculars. Say goodbye to sun glare as the sun rises on your early morning hunt. Gone are the days of the reflection of the sun off your binocular lenses scaring away wildlife. Carson Optical’s new FlashShield is the solution to these issues.

The functionality of the FlashShield is three-fold:

1) Kill flash function: Blocks reflections off the lenses that may otherwise expose your position to your target.

2) Sunshade function: Helps reduce glare, easier to see objects in bright light conditions.

3) Lens Protection function: Helps keep dust/particles from easily getting directly to lens.

The FlashShield easily clips-on to most full-size binoculars and riflescopes (32mm-43mm). They are lightweight, easy to attach and there is no need to worry about threads. The FlashShield’s are a must-have piece of gear for the serious hunter.