SM-22 BoaMag


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The SM-22 BoaMag™ magnifier is so versatile and has multiple functions. It can be used as a hands free or freestanding Magnifier. The BoaMag™ can help aide in installing needles, threading your machine and viewing stitches and patterns. Simply wrap the magnifier around your sewing machine for easy viewing. Or use the 20-inch coil to make a freestanding Magnifier and keep it on your desk for everyday uses. You can also wrap the coil around your neck for hands free applications like car repairs, building in your workshop or other hobbies and crafts. The BoaMag™ can be wrapped around just about anything. One side of the BoaMag™ has a light and 2.5x lens with 5x spot lens magnifier while the other end can just be used as a flashlight. You can power the BoaMag™ using 3 AAA batteries or the included AC adapter.


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