SM-44 SensorMag


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The SM-44, SensorMag™ will help you clean any dust and debris on your camera sensor helping you eliminate the need to digitally correct pictures. The 4.5x power SensorMag™ rests comfortably inside the camera lens hole and has an adjustable focus for different size cameras and sensor depths. This hands free loupe allows you to magnify and aids you in cleaning the sensor. There are two different diameter settings to fit most Canon and Sony DSLR cameras. The six, bright, LED’s in the base of the SensorMag™ light your way to a clean sensor. The SensorMag™ is unique in the fact that the lens can rotate 45 degrees out of the way to gain better access to the sensor while still being able to use the LED lights. It leaves room for a small tool or cleaning brush to be used while looking through the lens at the sensor. It is small enough to carry in your camera bag and comes with a zippered pouch.


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