SM-99 Sensor Cleaning Kit


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Now you can clean your camera sensor at home with the SM-99, Sensor Cleaning Kit. The Sensor Cleaning Kit includes the SensorMag™ and DustBlaster, air blast cleaning tool. Rest the 4.5x power SensorMag™ in the camera lens hole to view the dust and debris then “blast” it away with the DustBlaster. Say goodbye to digitally correcting your pictures. The SensorMag™ has two different diameter settings to fit most Cannon and Sony DSLR cameras. The six, bright, LED’s in the base of the SensorMag™ light your way to a clean Sensor. The DustBlaster features a patent-pending Dust Block tip that adds an additional valve to prevent dust from being pulled inside the blower. Only ambient air is pulled inside the blower. The DustBlaster™ includes a strap/belt clip that attaches to a camera bag strap or backpack for convenience and portability. The SensorMag is small enough to carry in your camera bag and comes with a zippered pouch.


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