BlackVue DR590-2CH-IR


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BlackVue’s DR590-2CH-IR is a value-packed model from industry-leading dashcam manufacturer Pittasoft. The DR590-2CH-IR is a dual-lens (two-channel, for front-facing and interior-facing video) dashcam that records in Full HD 1080p resolution (from both lenses). The DR590-2CH-IR is identical to the DR590-2CH, except the DR590-2CH-IR (this model) is designed for front + inside recording, rather than front + rear recording of the DR590-2CH.

Night Vision Interior Recording

The new DR590-2CH-IR’s infrared interior camera provides clarity even in complete darkness. The infrared camera secures the interior, driver, and passengers of your vehicle. The inconspicuous infrared LEDs automatically activate based on the level of ambient light inside the cabin of your vehicle. The camera’s spectacular clarity even in pitch black lighting conditions will ensure peace of mind for taxi and TNC/rideshare drivers.

If you utilize the BlackVue App or Viewer, you can further customize the way the DR590-2CH-IR operates; including 180° Image Rotation to accommodate your setup: if the image comes out upside down, just activate this feature and it will fix the image orientation. In addition to this, you can also control the LED settings, giving you complete stealth while driving or in Parking Mode.

The DR590-2CH-IR is an excellent choice for those who would like the higher 1080p video resolution (as compared to the DR430 and 470’s 720p camera resolution), but who also may not necessarily need all the additional bells and whistles of some of the more advanced BlackVue cameras such as the Cloud-Capable DR750S-2CH-IR. However, like the DR750S-2CH-IR, the DR590-2CH-IR front camera does benefit from using Sony’s newest STARVIS™ CMOS sensor, for superior video quality during the day and even at night when lesser dashcams may suffer.

BlackVue’s new 590-2CH-IR is almost identical to the recently released DR590-1CH, except for the addition of a separate in-car camera on the DR590-2CH-IR that is designed to mount in the front or rear windshield and face inside, to record what is going on within your car. With simple plug-and-play operation, you can be safely recording both in front of and inside your car in a matter of minutes!

The DR590-2CH-IR deserves the consideration of fleet managers, Uber/Lyft drivers, parents of teen drivers, and casual drivers alike who may be looking for a reliable and affordable “front and in-car” audio and video recording solution.

A Note on Memory Cards

BlackVue dashcams include a 16, 32, 64, 128 or 256GB memory card. While the memory cards are removable and the card slots will accept other brands of memory cards, we strongly suggest the use of only BlackVue memory cards in the BlackVue dashcams, as the use of a non BlackVue memory card may cause performance issues and may void your manufacturer’s warranty.

BlackVue OEM memory cards are industrial-grade and are designed and tested to withstand the extreme temperatures and the constant read/write cycles of high quality dashcams. Consumer-grade memory cards such as those from SanDisk or Samsung are simply not up to the task. Stick with the OEM BlackVue memory cards to ensure your dashcams are always recording when it matters most.

Our favorite things about the DR590-2CH-IR

  • Reliable Full HD dual 1080p front and interior video recording. Install the second lens on your windshield to enable cabin video coverage inside your vehicle.
  • New lower price point for the same BlackVue quality and Sony STARVIS™ imaging power.
  • New quick-toggle microphone button (or optional in-camera format function)
  • Improved features such as Adaptive Format Free Technology, for less maintenance of the memory card
  • Smallest form factor for extremely discrete in-car audio and/or video recording.
  • Industrial capacitor-based power, no lithium battery inside to fail in the heat or cold.
  • Optional GPS position and speed logging (via an external GPS antenna).
  • Voice announcements. Know what your dash cam is doing without needing to look at it.

Full Feature List

  • Maximum Video Resolution: 1920x1080p 30 FPS (front and interior)
  • Wired rear camera
  • 139° viewing angle (front)
  • 140° viewing angle (interior)
  • Video file format: .MP4
  • Video codec: H.264
  • GPS logging (with optional external antenna)
  • Motion Detection
  • 3-Axis Acceleration Sensor
  • Low-light functionality
  • Loop Recording
  • Adjustable Exposure
  • Audio Recording
  • Date Stamp
  • NTSC/PAL Adjustable
  • Day/Night Mode
  • Graceful Shutdown
  • Certification: FCC, CE, RoHS
  • Interfaces: Power, Interior Cam In, GPS Antenna (Optional)
  • Memory Card Type: BlackVue Micro SD up to 256gb
  • Includes Playback Software: Yes (Windows and Mac)

Included in the Box

  • 1 Front-Facing Camera with Windshield Mount
  • 1 Interior-Facing Camera with Windshield Mount
  • 1 BlackVue microSD Memory Card (either 16, 32, 64, 128 or 256gb)
  • 1 Power Cord, 15ft length
  • 1 Video Cable for Inside Camera, 20ft length
  • 5 Adhesive Cable Clips
  • 1 MicroSD to full size SD memory card adapter
  • 1 Quick Start Guide