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CamSticks  are now smaller and better! With a new micro size, easy operations and  ability to record to an amazing 32G Micro SD card, you can now have all  the video and still shot surveillance recording power in a size so small  it will amaze you!

It’s almost half the size of older generation camcorder sticks. It’s so small, it takes optical amplification to make it! With an amazing 1.3 MP camera and  massive included options for your special video operations, this is the  camstick to have!

 LawMate brand means professional and Law Enforcement grade. You can use  it as a walk around pocket recorder or windshield mount it and use it  as a vehicle or window video or still shot photo recorder.

 It comes with a Window Mount, Magnet Mount, Clip Mount, and Camera  Strap Mount and is designed to take care of all of your video and still  shot surveillance needs! You can now walk around with a complete covert  video recording studio and still shot digital camera in a new amazing  micro size!

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