LawMate HB-20


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HB-20 handbag camera is great to use for your video equipment needs. It makes for a great spy camera!

The handbag hidden camera can be used in many ways, as the lens is smartly concealed and the microphone is placed inside of the bag.
It has a double lining as to hide the camera and DVR that can be placed on the bag bottom.
The HB-20 is compatible with PV-500L3, PV-900FHD, PV-500EVO2, PV-50 and PV-1000Touch5 DVR’s.

HB-20 Handbag Design Camera Main Features:

Miniature size 550 TV Line hidden camera
Low Power consumption CCD sensor
Complete power and cable accessories kit to use in various ways
Standard audio and video analog output, compatible with common AV devices
Looks like a simple Handbag