*PROCAM-U7 – Professional Mini DVR Recording Kit


Professional Long Life Versatile Tiny DVR
720P High Definition (HD)
128GB MicroSD Card Included
External Battery Pack for upto 10 Hours of Recording (with included battery pack)
Covert Recording Mode (no LED Indication)
Date & Time Stamp
HD Lens tilts upto 90°
HD AVI/MPEG Video Recording
One Button recording
Motion Detection
Automatic File Saving & File Splitting in 10 minute intervals
OTG Adapter to view footage through any iPhone, iPad or Android device
Tactical Mount


The PROCAM-U7 is a complete video recording kit for close surveillance operations. This tool is ready to use immediately and comes included with a range of accessories for use in many situations where close video surveillance and excellent audio is critical to an operation.

The PROCAM-U7 has an excellent high definition 720P HD lens which can be tilted up to 90 degrees The PROCAM-U7 comes with a metal clip which allows the device to be worn. Whilst the device is visible when worn the tiny 1 inch black metal housing is barely noticeable, ideal for getting eyes on close to targets without drawing attention to your HD recording device.

PROCAM-U7 is supplied with a pre-installed removable 128GB Class 10 SD Card. Another excellent accessory included with the PROCAM-U7 is the external battery pack. Connect the battery pack to PROCAM-U7 and your device can record high definition video for up to 10 hours continuously.

The PROCAM-U7 has 2 modes of recording: motion detection and continuous recording modes. Footage can be viewed on a Windows or Mac Computer. Users can also view, share, and save their footage through any iPhone, iPad or Android device. Just use the included OTG Adapter and connect directly to a smartphone/tablet. The OTG adapter features Lightning cable for all types of Apple iPhone/iPad and also a Micro-USB and a USB-C input for all types of Android devices including all Android based smart phones like Samsung, Huawei, HTC, etc.

PROCAM-U7 has Covert Recording Mode which means no LED indications are visible during recording. Another excellent feature of the PROCAM-U7 is the ability to auto save footage and select file splitting which can be separated into 10 minute intervals.

For long term static surveillance needs, users can also use the Tactical Mount which comes supplied with the PROCAM-U7. Just attach the battery pack to the mount and the battery pack to the PROCAM-U7 and position your device on your target area and record hands free. Users do not even need to stay near the device whilst using the tactical recording mount.

Whilst PROCAM-U7 has many advanced features and professional accessories, it is also extremely easy to use. The one button recording ensures you can begin recording footage instantly. The option to set your device to motion activated recording is also very useful when you need to capture footage whilst you are not present. The high definition video is 720P HD and provides extremely clear footage but in addition to this users also get excellent audio capture range with sounds being captured with crystal clear clarity from up to 30 feet away.