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This  is the new LawMate PV1000 EVO3 digital video recorder and it’s had a  major upgrade to make it one of the most versatile portable hard disk  digital video recorders available on the market.


Built  to extremely high LawMate standards, the PV1000 EVO3 is fitted with a 5  inch high definition touch screen panel making the menu navigation and  operation of the unit extremely easy. They have also included Wi-Fi P2P  & IP connectivity with this recording solution to make operation  even easier.

The built-in hard disk has been upgraded to 1TB capable of storing many days of high quality video and audio.

PV1000  EVO3 also now has the ability to record at 1080p when connected to a  LawMate high definition digital spy camera such as the CM-BU20LX. 

When  used with the supplied AV input cable, this recorder can also be used  with non-LawMate camera options too. With a new upgrade, this recorder  will now support both 5V cameras and 12V cameras with the supplied  cabling.
It also has a Mini HDMI output for connecting to HD television or monitors.

The  PV1000 portable digital video recorder is the perfect tool for locked  off surveillance systems, traffic surveillance, body-worn surveillance  and also many other applications


1TB HDD Storage
Wi-Fi P2P and IP connectivity 
Normal/motion detection recording modes
Video Recording and Photo Capture
Tamper proof frame counter
Individual unit number video stamp
Password protection featured
Compatible with LawMate CCD and HD Spy Cameras
12V or 5V camera supported and powered (with supplied cabling)
Key Lock button
Audio on/off function
Up to 32gb Micro SD card support
Date and Time stamp (selectable)
PAL or NTSC modes
HDMi video/playback output
Record to HDD or MicroSD card
4400mah Battery (3 hours)
Mains or battery powered
IR Remote included


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