CC308 Camera and Bug Detector


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1. A variety of ways to detect and find the hidden spy cameras

2. Detecting the wireless cameras via wireless radio frequency detection function

3. Scans different kinds of camera lens, such as CCD,CMOS,mobile phone lens,digital cam lens and etc

4. Detection frequency range can reach 1MHz-6.5GHz

5. Multiple detection prompts: voice prompts, vibrating alert, LED lights tips

6. You can connect it with headphones, it will be a more covert way to detect something

7. Wireless signal strength indication, quick positioning signal source

8. Adjustable detection sensitivity

9. Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, max 5 hours of continuous use

10. Very small, very convenient to carry

11. At the bottom front of the product, there is a small compass as  blue background, it’s easy to help indicate the direction for the  professionals

Main Specification

Detection Frequency Range: 1MHz-6.5GHz

Size: 63mm X 47mm X14mm, weight:50g

Antenna length: 123mm

Power supply: Built-in 3.7V 500mA

Charge voltage :5-6VDC

Current consumption: 100mA within

Packing List

1 x CC308+ bug detector

1 x AC adaptor

1 x Headphone

1 x User manual

Scope of Applications

1. Detect whether there is a wireless eavesdropping device or  hidden spy camera to be installed in your car, office and any where

2. Detect whether the phone has been tapped or abnormal (Automatically send out a signal when standby)

3. Detect whether your car has been installed with some GPS tracker or GPS location tracker devices

4. Detecting any harmful radiation

5. Detecting SMS send and receive signals, cell phone internet signals, cell phone switch and call signals

6. Detecting wireless network signal, cell phone base station signals, wireless monitoring system

CC308 User Manual

Our detailed user manual including below three sections:

1. Laser Scanning

2. Radio Frequency Detection With Buzzing Only

3. Radio Frequency Detection With Vibrating Only


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