*LawMate RD-30



This is the new LawMate RD-30, pocket-sized counter surveillance tool with both wired and wireless camera detection modes.

This  system uses the same technology as the popular RD-10 Scanner and lens  finder with the addition of detecting either wired or wireless signals.

This  extremely small device is used at all levels of law enforcement,  including private investigation, Policing and for personal use, for  people that demand to have privacy in their lives!

The RD-30  counter surveillance tool will detect wired and wireless audio and video  devices with frequencies between 20MHz – 6GHz.

On the back  side of this detector, you will find a viewer with red LED lights that  flash intermittently. Looking through the eyepiece, you can see anything  that reflects light back to you. If there is a hidden wired or wireless  spy camera, even the size of a tiny pinhole, it will reflect light back  to you and you can easily locate the hidden camera source even if the  camera is powered off!


Ultra-small, pocket sized
Find wired hidden cameras, even when powered off
Can be used as a wireless audio bug sweeper
Vibration detection mode for discretion
20MHz to 6GHz scanning range
Find hidden/portable GPS tracking devices
Detects both wireless and wired signals


Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 2 in