16MB Keylogger USB





USB Keylogger 16MB is the perfect tool for anyone wishing to record a user’s keystrokes on a computer. Used primarily by concerned parents and vigilant business owners who have permission to monitor their children and employees activities.

To access the keystroke report users press a 3 button code on the target computer which will launch a .txt file with all the typed content available to review.

Ideal for non-technical persons who need to quickly deploy a monitoring solution on a computer without having to install any software. Just plug the Keylogger in between the USB Keyboard USB input and the computer input and you are ready to begin monitoring all typed keystrokes on the target PC.

Capture upto 16 million Keystrokes using the USB Keylogger 16MB. That is over 365 days of continuously typed content, if you reach the capacity for the keylogger, easily delete data from the device to free up space for further monitoring.

This hardware keylogger can be used on multiple computers. Simple operation, easy to deploy, and the 3 button code to access your monitoring content ensures the device remains completely invisible on the target computers operating system.

  • Huge 16mb Memory Capacity
  • Compatible with all USB Keyboards including Windows/MAC/Linux
  • Undetectable – Cannot be detected by Anti-Virus
  • No software to install, plug in and it begins recording keystrokes instantly
  • Tiny Discreet size just 1.5 inches long
  • Made In Europe