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Paraben’s Chat Stick is a thumb drive device that will search your  entire computer, scan it for chat logs from Yahoo, MSN 6.1, 6.2, 7.0,  & 7.5, ICQ 1999-2003b, Trillian, Skype, Hello, & Miranda and  create a report in an easy to read format so you can see what your kids  or employees are saying to people online.
Instant Messengers have become an essential part of businesses today.  Instant communication can bring increased productivity and better  communication. Along with this comes many possible threats to your  business as well. How much time do your employees waste chatting with  friends outside of work or fellow employees about non-work related  issues? Are your employees sharing files through Instant Messengers that  contain viruses? Are they leaking or stealing valuable company  information? A quick scan and review with the Chat Stick can tell you in  minutes.


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