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The Data Recovery Stick is the easiest way for anyone to recover deleted  files. There’s no software to download and install. Simply plug the  Data Recovery Stick into a USB port, open the software, and start your  recovery. Even if files have been deleted from the recycle bin, you can  still recover them as long as they haven’t been overwritten by new data.  Recovering deleted data doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Best of all,  you can rest easy knowing Paraben’s years of digital forensic expertise  will recover your files.
The Data Recovery Stick can booted in forensic mode. When a USB drive is  plugged into an active Windows system, it creates a registry entry.  When you boot into the Data Recovery Stick in forensic mode, it will not  leave a trace on the target hard drive so this tool can be used by home  users or computer forensic experts.
Please Note: The storage device you are recovering data from must be a  physical drive. Some cameras, such as iPhone cameras, only give logical  drive access and images cannot be recovered from such devices. You must  also have the proper media reader for some types of storage.



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