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The Crook-Catcher™ Deluxe Thief Detection Kit has everything you’ll need to catch a thief.

There are two primary methods for thief detection and identification  of stolen items. One marks the thief with invisible markings which can  later be revealed under ultraviolet (UV) light, and the other marks the  thief with an immediately-visible stain.

Ultraviolet powder allows an item to be marked so that it is not  visible, yet anyone who touched it can be identified. Its fluorescent  tracer readily transfers to the fingers and hands when touched, leaving  the subject “glowing” when viewed with the included UV flashlight. (Best  viewed in darkness or low lighting.)

In some situations, an immediate visible indication may be preferable  over the ultraviolet method. The kit’s visible stain powder will  instantly mark the thief. After a marked item comes in contact with  skin, it immediately causes a highly visible, aggressive purple stain  that can last up to several days.

On vertical surfaces and for outdoor uses, a paste is desirable over a  powder. To make an ultraviolet or visible stain paste, simply mix the  powder into petroleum jelly (included).

Ultraviolet ink is ideal for marking items for later identification  in case stolen. This kit includes 3 markers which can write on nearly  any dry surface, including metal, glass, paint, and currency. The  markings remain invisible until viewed under UV light. Each marker  fluoresces a different color (blue, red, green). The ink is waterproof  and heat-proof.

All powders, pastes, and inks are non-toxic.

This kit includes:

•  Ultraviolet powder in special applicator container (enough for dozens of applications)

•  Ultraviolet 9-LED flashlight (includes batteries)

•  Visible stain powder (enough for dozens of applications)

•  Mixing/Storage container for paste

•  Petroleum jelly packet and stir/applicator stick

•  3 Ultraviolet markers (each fluoresces a different color)


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