Medieval Norman Helmet with Aventail and Stand



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Once the common helmet of the day, the Norman helmet protected not just foot soldiers but also lords and kings as well. This Medieval Norman Helmet with Aventail certainly has all the details necessary to be made for a noble or a king. This truly impressive helmet echoes the look of the classic spangenhelm, featuring a steel plated skull cap that is reinforced with metal strips. What separates this helmet from others is that these reinforcements are all highly decorated, featuring embossed and engraved designs along their lengths. These decorations continue down onto the nasal guard and the hinged cheek protectors. A mail aventail is attached to the back, for added defense. On the inside of the helm, there is a liner to provide greater comfort. Included with the helmet is a matching stand, for quick and easy displaying. Impressive detailing makes this Medieval Norman Helmet with Aventail a fine addition to any collection, as others are sure to take notice of and admire its appearance whenever they see it.
  • Steel is Polished to a Silver Finish
  • A Fine Rendition of the Early Medieval Norman Helmet
  • Decorated with Richly Engraved Reinforcements
  • Includes a Full-Sized Helmet and Matching Stand
  • A Great All-Around Collectible to Own and Display
  • Has a 9mm inner ring diameter
  • Crafted from 18 Gauge Carbon Steel
  • Inner Circumference is 27-28 Inches