Expandable 5′ Bo Staff



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Streetwise Security Products is proud to introduce the “bo on the go”! With a quick twist, the Streetwise Expandable 5′ Bo Staff expands from 22 inches to 5 feet long (59 inches)! Whether you are using it for self-defense or martial arts training this unique Bo Staff is certain to get the job done! For versatility, we have also included two end caps which allow you to create two 31 inch batons by simply detaching the batons from the center connector and adding the end caps. Have a look at the first video below where a customer compares our new unit to one he manufactures and retails for $129.00. You will see our Bo Staff cut through a watermelon like a warm knife through butter!


  • Expands to 59 inches and locks into place with just a quick twist
  • Can be used as an expandable 59 inch Bo Staff or two 31 inch batons
  • Includes two end caps that are needed when using as individual batons
  • Long reach keeps you a safe distance away from your attacker
  • Rubberized diamond design ensures a firm grip
  • Great for training or self-defense
  • Made from military-grade aluminum alloy
  • Bo staff length collapsed 22”
  • Bo staff length expanded 59”


  • 2x Streetwise 31″ Expandable Steel Baton
  • 1x Connection to form the 59” Bo staff
  • 2x End Caps for the individual batons