This bracelet facilitates emergency egress from a vehicle via a side or rear window. Designed to be a low-profile escape tool that can always be with you, this bracelet is made of elasticized cord with an integral striker bead. The bead is made from tungsten carbide, the same material used in armor-piercing ammunition. The product’s design enables the user to generate high velocity for the bead with minimal movement. Just a single strike directed from this device can instantly destroy tempered glass. To deploy, remove the GTFO bracelet from your wrist and loop it around your thumb and first finger, then position the bead against the vehicle’s side or rear window. With your other hand grasp the bead and pull it straight back as far as you can, turn your head away, and then release the bead.

The bracelet design features an adjustment system that allows the user to achieve a custom fit.

Color: black.

Weight: 0.065 oz.

Always have an escape plan!