Self Defense Silver Aluminum Keychain Emergency Whistle Kubotan



Product Features
4.75 inch length – 5.5 inches including keychain – 1.1cm thick
Lightweight (2.5g), strong and durable aircraft aluminum
Can produce over 100db of sound
Ergonomically designed heightened surface ridges
Unique keychain and self defense tool available in multiple colors

Product Description
Need a durable survival whistle that doubles a public safety jabber? Well, look no further than the P-15960 series. Not simply another kubotan keychain- there is a whistle included. This whistle is perfect for hiking, camping, lifeguard duties, or emergency situations. The sound is over 100 decibels loud and the aircraft aluminum alloy construction is lightweight, but also weather resistant. Blow this whistle in a snow storm to attract help and protect yourself from attackers with the slanted jabbing tip. This is a unique keychain and some of the brighter colors in this series can reflect light to make you easy to see in an emergency scenario.