Dragon’s Grasping Claw Walking Cane Sword with Acrylic Ball



Part Number: 2E1-PK1004

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Grasp ahold of this Dragon’s Grasping Claw Walking Cane and strut in style. The handle is made of aluminum alloy metal and the claw is holding a clear acrylic ball with bubbles inside, just like it is boiling over. The handle does unscrew and come off if you wish to separate or swap with another cane top. Also features brass fitting on the shaft and a rubberized foot.

Overall Length: 38 Inches
Pole Shaft Length: 34 Inches
Blade Length: 14 inches
Handle Dimensions: 4 Inch Wide, 3 Inch Height
Cane Handle Material: Authentic Zinc-Aluminum Alloy
Motif: Dragon Claw Grasping a Giant Marble
Bottom: Black Rubberized Foot