Historical Vikings Axe Of Ragnar – Stainless Steel Nordic Style



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Ragnar was historically famous as a legendary man who started life as a lowly farmer who participated in periodic raids upon other lands, as Vikings historically portrays. This axe is a rendition of what Ragnar would have carried and fought with. It features a stainless steel axe head (bit) and hardwood handle. Leather wraps the handle and decorates the length of the wood. It comes with a wooden wall hanger plaque. Each piece is carved and assembled by hand from natural materials and may contain some minor differences between each piece. If you plan to use the axe functionally, we recommend sharpening with a stone and adding the proper nail to the handle above the axe bit.
  • Overall Length: 24 Inches
  • Bit Length: 5.75 Inches (Linear)
  • Bit Width: 5.5 Inches
  • Bit Thickness: 38mm & 14mm at Blade Edge
  • Bit Blade: Solid Cast Metal, Stainless Steel, Historically Accurate
  • Bit Sharpness: Prepared Angled Edge, Easily Sharpened
  • Primary Design: Single Handed Axe
  • Handle: Hardwood, Smooth Sanded, Naturally Stained
  • Grip: Authentic Cordura Leather Wrapped