Secrets of PI Agency Marketing and Management



The difference between success and failure in the private investigation business is more than just being a good investigator. You must operate your agency like any other business by utilizing marketing techniques and business skills. As one of the most successful private investigators in America today, Kelly Riddle shares time tested secrets to success. Using techniques and principles that have brought him an almost unheard of rise to the top of the PI profession, Kelly now shares this for others to use as a blueprint to success.

Learn time management skills, how to use the media, the power of the written word, finding your niche, off the wall marketing, how to run and build a successful business, the power of networking and associations and other areas that will increase your business.

This powerhouse of information is designed for those just getting into the PI profession as well as those wanting to grow their business. Use these secrets to insure your agency is counted among the successful and financially secure agencies!