Solar Charging Backup Battery with LED Lantern – Black





Imagine never running out of power. Never miss a call with this Solar Charging Power Bank that has triple the power and and Brilliant LED flood.

You get a 2 amp and a 1 amp output in case you have a device you want to juice up faster.   Everything is automatic.  Just plug in your phone cord, it turns itself on and you’ll see your phone spark up.

Let’s face it, not everybody sits around by a charger all day, and yet most of today’s phones and tablets will run dead in just a few hours if you are using it a lot listening to music, taking photos, using Google Maps or anything.

Not only that, we are all human and sometimes we just forget to plug the darn thing in.

So my friends, you already know, everybody has a phone these days.  You would really be doing people a favor by offering these solar chargers for sale to people so they don’t miss any vacation picture or any phone call.

This new model has increased the battery charging power from 5000 now up to 20,000 milliamp hours, which means that instead of just charging  one phone or camera, now you can charge four.