Things They Didn’t Tell You (About Starting a PI Business)



With more than 35 years as a Private Investigator, Kelly E. Riddle provides in-sight for those wanting to become a PI and start their own business. Learn the answers to the questions you didn’t know you should ask. This book is chalked full of real world lessons and information that will help you cut straight to creating your own PI business. Topics include:-What type of company or corporation should I create?-Do I have to charge sales tax?-Do I have to be licensed?-How do I handle employees and subcontractors?-Can I get audited?-What other hidden landmines should I know about?Why struggle to get your business up and running when you can rely on the experience of someone who has been in business for more than 30 years? This book is a road map for anyone serious about starting their own private investigation business!